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我在台灣最好的經驗 (My Best Experiences in Taiwan) – (Heather’s LAST Blog!)


I have had so many amazing experiences in these past nine months, and below are some of the best.


First I’d like to start off with our first trip together in Taiwan when we went to Maolin. We were all so excited, and really enjoyed every moment of it. It was also the first time we really opened up to each other. After a long day of learning about aboriginal culture we all gathered in one hotel room together eating snacks and getting to know each other while Joey tried his best to study until he finally broke down and joined us. We had a great time talking and laughing until curfew when we all returned to our own rooms. It was even clearer to me now that we would be lifelong friends.


My next favorite memory is when we all got together for the fundraiser in October. Of course it came with its challenges just like anything does, but with teamwork we accomplished it all and made it a success. From making and preparing the Muddy Buddies at Anthony’s house to working our butts off to sell them all on the hottest October day any of us had ever experienced. It all payed off when we sold out by noon and spent some time checking out the other stands before heading home sunburned and exhausted.


My final favorite memory was when I spent a whole day with my host family out in Kaohsiung until about 10pm when my host sister had the idea of going to see the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We went back home to drop off my host parents, and then my host brother drove us to get hot milk tea and then to the theatre. My host sister and I were so excited and while my host brother wasn’t as excited as us, he was still pretty happy to take us. The movie was amazing and my host sister and I absolutely loved it! We were all so tired from being up so late, I know we all had a wonderful time!

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How Not to Give Gifts in Taiwan (April Vlog)

佳琦阿嬤 is back at it with a cultural lesson on gift-giving in Taiwan.

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#tallpeopleproblems- 高人在台灣面對的問題 (March Vlog)

Are you taller than the average Taiwanese person? Heather understands your plight. #tallpeopleprob

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台灣的原住民跟美國的印地安人 – Heather’s Blog # 7
















1851年美國規劃了一個印地安保留地(Standing Rock)在達科他州,但是最近美國政府要在那附近蓋油管,油管不僅會經過密西西比河和密蘇里河,還會經過古印地安人的墳塚(fen2zhong3),所以印地安人很生氣,並發起很多抗議活動。其中一個抗議活動在古印地安人墳塚,當時有人放狗咬了抗議的印地安人,造成六個印地安人還有一隻馬受傷。美國警察甚至在冬天用水柱和橡膠子彈攻擊抗議的印安人,在冬天這樣做很危險,而且橡膠子彈讓一個女生的臉受了重傷。還有警察向印地安人丟催淚瓦斯甚至是手榴彈,想要嚇跑他們。

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臺灣過年的煙火和燈會 – Taiwan’s New Year Fireworks and Lantern Festival – Heather's Blog # 6

在臺灣,過年是很重要的節日,每個人都回家跟家人一起過年,所以當然有一些活動。在臺灣幾乎(almost ji1hu1)每天可以聽到煙火,或是鞭炮。 好多地方也放煙火,我今年去看了三次煙火。在臺灣,過年的第一天和元宵節放最多煙火。

In Taiwan Chinese New Year is a very important holiday. Everyone goes back home to celebrate it with their family, so of course there are some special events and activities! Here you will hear fireworks or firecrackers just about every day of CNY. There are also many places that have firework displays. I went to see three of them this year. In Taiwan the days with the biggest and most fireworks are the first and last days of CNY.


旗津的煙火是我看過最大的煙火。我去看的時候是過年的第一天,我的寄宿媽媽說每年有兩萬多人去看。 Cijin’s fireworks were the biggest I saw on the first day of CNY. My host mom told me over 200,000 people go see them each year.



This year Love River had fireworks every day of CNY. I went to see them once, but found them a bit underwhelming and not quite worth it for as crowded as it was. Even though the fireworks weren’t all that impressive, the lights for the light festival more than made up for it. Day or night they always looked nice, and compared to the other light festivals in Kaohsiung, I found them to be the best.Inline image 1



The fireworks at Fo Guang Shan were definitely the most amazing. They had a brilliant show with lights, fireworks, and music. I think they made it extra special this year because it is their 50th anniversary. Their light festival wasn’t very impressive, and didn’t really have anything to do with CNY. It was mostly Pokemon with a few New Year’s themed lights thrown in.



Today’s lantern festival is mainly celebrating the fastly approaching spring. In Taiwan it also has another special meaning. Some people in Taiwan celebrate it like our Valentine’s Day, and it is sometimes described as Taiwan’s Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure how many people celebrate it this way, but most people celebrate it by looking at lights and lanterns and figuring out the riddles that can be found on some of the lanterns.


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Heather's ShouShan Safety Tips (January)

Heather made a fun movie trailer to warn about monkeys on ShouShan.

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台灣的婚禮和名堂 (Heather's Blog 5)


These past two months I have participated in one wedding and two wedding parties. Wedding parties are very boisterous and happy affairs. They are all very fun and follow the same format which I will explain below.



First, everyone waits in a large banquet hall sitting at round tables waiting for the bride and groom to enter. While I waited I talked a little with the people around me and watched some of the newlywed’s video which had their wedding pictures set to music. When they came in the lights went out and there was a spotlight on the couple with a loud love song the couple chose playing in the background. At this time the bride usual wears a beautiful white wedding gown.


They walk to the front and get on stage. There they drink wine together then pour a bottle onto specially arranged glasses, and cut their wedding cake. Afterword, they walk back down and sit together at a table with both sets of parents.


Now they start to serve food! Every Taiwanese wedding banquet serves 13 different dishes. Here you will definitely eat your fill! After they serve the first few dishes, the Bride and groom go to each table with their parents to say “cheers!”.

heather-4_1 heather-4_2

之後,女儐相跟伴郎可以一起跳舞。我第一次參加的名堂有,可是第二個沒有。 我覺得是因為第二個婚禮只有兩個伴郎跟一個女儐相。第一個名堂也有一個遊戲只有伴郎玩的。誰贏就是下一個要結婚。這個好想美國的習慣是新娘丟一束花,抓的女儐相是下一個要結婚。

Afterwords, the bridesmaids and groomsmen can perform a dance. The first wedding banquet I attended had this but the other one did not. I’m assuming it’s because the second wedding only had two groomsmen and one bridesmaid. They also played a game at the first wedding banquet where only the groomsmen would play. The winner is believed to be the next one to get married. This is a lot like the American custom where the bride throws a bouquet and the bridesmaid who catches it will be the next to marry.


After all this, people just continue eating lots of food and conversing with each other. The last dish served is fruit. Once you’ve finished eating you go out to take a picture with the newlyweds and grab some candy wishing them a sweet marriage together.


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Heather Talks Tea (December Vlog)

Heather talks about her experiencing ordering milk tea in Taiwan.

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北投 Beitou (Heather's Blog 4)

北投位在台北市區的郊外。在這裡有一些地方可以泡溫泉。一個在公園的旁邊。它是免費的,然後有一些老人在那邊泡腳 。這裡的溫泉水是從山上流下來的,然後跟冰水混合。在那邊有三個池子是不一樣的溫度。我來的時候最高的溫度是47° 度左右。


Beitou lies on the outside of the city of Taipei. Here there are several hot springs you can visit. There is one free one next to the park where several older people like to soak. The water for this hot spring comes from the mountaintop and is then mixed with cool water. At this hot spring there are three pools with different temperatures. When I was there the hottest one was about 117 ° F.


There are wooden benches on the inside and middle of each pool for you to sit on and soak your feet. You can also walk around the inside of the pool if you want. Usually people soak, rest, and repeat. When resting, most people hit their legs to improve the circulation of that area. There is also a water station to get water because the hot spring makes you sweat a lot!



While we were there we met quite a few old ladies. They were all very warmhearted and helped us out a lot! They even told us where the pipes with hot water were so we didn’t burn ourselves.






Hell Valley or Thermal Valley is a very special place because there the water has green sulfur. Taiwan and Japan are the only places in the world that have it. But here you will only want to look and not bathe because the water is too hot with a temperature of 212°F! It’s pretty smelly there because of the sulfur, but it is a very beautiful place to see.





These are rumored to be the best ramen noodles in Beitou. Beitou’s buildings are mostly in the Japanese style of architecture because a long time ago it was settled by the Japanes


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Heather Visits JiaYi With Her CLC Classmates – Heather's Blog 3


When hiking Ali Mountain we had to be careful because the trail is very narrow and steep!



While we were hiking we got very tired, but there are a few places to rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

heather_november2 heather_november-3





Ali Mountain is famous for their Oolong tea that is grown on there. Once it is grown they only pick the leaves from the top. The topmost leaves are the youngest and best tea leaves. When we went to Ali Mountain we saw many tea fields and tea shops.

heather_november-7 heather_november8



At night we went to see nature’s night life, the flying squirrels! Sometimes you can even see fireflies.

heather_november-9 heather_november-10


Here they have really famous donuts called croissant donuts, and they’re to die for!



After all that we rested on the bus. I even sang Karaoke with some people. Traveling is fun but also exhausting! I’m so happy I was able to go on a trip to Chiayi and Ali Mountain with the CLC students. I’m also happy I made so many new friends. I can’t wait to go traveling with them again!