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Kaohsiung Reflection (Joey’s LAST Blog!)

Living in Taiwan for a year has been one of the best opportunities I have ever received. There are foods that I simply adore as well as foods that I simply despise. I especially love the variety of sweets that I have access to in Taiwan such as ji1dan4gao1 and tiramisu. Furthermore, I have made lifelong connections with people of varying ages all over this wonderful island. These connections include friends, track teammates, and family. Without these relationships, my experience in Taiwan would have had a much less exciting outcome.

When I first came to Taiwan, it was a little hard for me to make friends. Even though, when I first arrived my Chinese level was high enough to conduct a basic conversation, I still was unsure about how to make the initiative and approach them. After a month, I broke through that nervous barrier and made quite a few friends. The next problem consisted of me finding a fine-tuned balance between studying and going out with these friends. Thankfully, my friends (such as Qifang, Louis, Hannah, David, and Lily) helped me by dragging me out and persuading me to go to places with them which lead to many hilarious and amazing escapades all over Kaohsiung. I even joined a local church and made numerous Christian friends.

The most unique part of my year abroad is that I joined two track teams. One of the track teams I joined is based at Wenzao and the other is a private team consisting of middle school, high school, college, and national members. I practiced with the latter team for the majority of my time in Taiwan. Coach Liu, my coach on the private team, worked all year on my form as he aided me in running the 400m. The older and more experienced teammates would not only coach me, but also motivate me to do better. To have someone constantly take time from their practice just to give me advice just shows how much they care. One day I got injured practicing with them, but my teammates quickly came to my aid and bandaged me up. Their willingness to help me up when I’d fallen showed how they truly felt about me. From that day forward, I referred to them as a part of my official track family. Also, I formed quite a strong bond with my track team at Wenzao. We sweat and struggled together as we went through injuries and tried to make a sufficient 4×100 team. On that team, I found my track brother, Louis. I am extremely grateful for finding such a phenomenal teammate and friend. In conclusion, through sweat and pain I formed bonds that I will take back to America as a lifelong memory.

One thing that my host family has given me is the chance to be a part of a fully functional family. They will never know how much this means to me, nor can I fully express my gratitude to them for opening their home with warm, accepting hands. My host mom nurtured me as though I was her child, Ray (my host brother) provided me with the brotherly experience that I never had, and Nick provided support like my dad would have done. I shared some of my hardest laughs and most interesting experiences with my host family. Spending a year with them has given me insight on a fully functional family, and I am so grateful that I was blessed enough to spend it with them. There was not a more suitable host family for me than this one.

Taiwan is one-of-a-kind when it comes to its beautiful scenery, but to me beautiful scenery can be found all over the world. Honestly, the most important aspect to me is the relationships that I made because these connections cannot be found in another city, country, nor continent. These relationships have exposed me to and helped me mature in various aspects of my life. To conclude, no matter where life takes me, Kaohsiung, Taiwan will always have solid place in my heart.

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我在台灣最好的經驗 (My Best Experiences in Taiwan) – (Heather’s LAST Blog!)


I have had so many amazing experiences in these past nine months, and below are some of the best.


First I’d like to start off with our first trip together in Taiwan when we went to Maolin. We were all so excited, and really enjoyed every moment of it. It was also the first time we really opened up to each other. After a long day of learning about aboriginal culture we all gathered in one hotel room together eating snacks and getting to know each other while Joey tried his best to study until he finally broke down and joined us. We had a great time talking and laughing until curfew when we all returned to our own rooms. It was even clearer to me now that we would be lifelong friends.


My next favorite memory is when we all got together for the fundraiser in October. Of course it came with its challenges just like anything does, but with teamwork we accomplished it all and made it a success. From making and preparing the Muddy Buddies at Anthony’s house to working our butts off to sell them all on the hottest October day any of us had ever experienced. It all payed off when we sold out by noon and spent some time checking out the other stands before heading home sunburned and exhausted.


My final favorite memory was when I spent a whole day with my host family out in Kaohsiung until about 10pm when my host sister had the idea of going to see the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We went back home to drop off my host parents, and then my host brother drove us to get hot milk tea and then to the theatre. My host sister and I were so excited and while my host brother wasn’t as excited as us, he was still pretty happy to take us. The movie was amazing and my host sister and I absolutely loved it! We were all so tired from being up so late, I know we all had a wonderful time!

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豆豆的台灣 (Pablo’s LAST Blog!)






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汪立安的台灣 (Liam’s LAST Blog!)


有一天我走在路上的時候突然看到一個箱子。裡面都是快要過期的麵包。那時候我覺得很幸運。在我的眼裡我覺得如果我沒有撿起來一塊帶回家,我就會吃虧。我就知道我的媽媽每天喜歡用這種麵包準備早餐。結果回家的時候,一開始跟媽媽開心地形容我今天有帶什麼回家,我就知道她對我不高興。不算生氣,就是有一點失望而已。她有跟我說,對他來說我跟弟弟是出身豪門世家。我不必那麼節儉。他有跟我說,文藻附近有很多學生,而且大部分的學生錢並不多所以我未來應該不要那麼衝動的去拿免費的。她有跟我說台灣有一個用語說 “不拿白不拿”。意思就是,如果你沒有抓住每一個機會你就會吃虧。她激勵我做自我檢討,做個比較,終於決定我覺得她表現出來的道理或者拿句用語比較有意思。這個經驗豁然開亮,讓我發現我必須要好好想,我事實上有沒有需要這個東西或者機會。到底有別人比有更需要嗎。這個經驗教我不要那麼自私。



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謝謝大家 (Maureen’s LAST Blog!)







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王新唐帶Flat Stanley 出去玩 (Anthony’s LAST Blog!)

這個月我在美國的表弟寄給我一封很有趣的信。我的表弟,叫安東尼,是一個在賓州的小學二年級的學生。他請我參加一個很好玩的學校活動。在美國,很多的小朋友參加一個活動叫Flat Stanley。Flat Stanley 是一個用紙做的人。如果這些小學生有朋友住在其他的城市,他們寄這個用紙做的人給他們的朋友。很多小學生參加這個活動所以他們可以認識世界上很多不一樣的地方。我的表弟知道我現在台灣唸書,所以他決定寄給我Flat Stanley,請我帶Flat Stanley去台灣各地走走。

安東尼在信裡面告訴我只有一個禮拜可以跟Flat Stanley出去玩。一個禮拜以後,我需要寄Flat Stanley回給我的表弟。所以我馬上帶他去在高雄很多好玩的地方。

我第一個帶他去的地方是高雄的蓮池潭。我帶Flat Stanley去看蓮池潭的龍虎塔。高雄的龍虎塔是一個很有名的地方。那邊有兩個塔,一個龍塔,一個虎塔。很多的遊客去那邊參觀。除了龍虎塔以外,我還有帶Flat Stanley去看蓮池潭附近的廟。

那天的晚上我帶Flat Stanley去逛瑞豐夜市。瑞豐夜市是高雄最大的,最有名的夜市。高雄有兩個蠻大的夜市,六合夜市和瑞豐夜市。六合夜市是一個有比較多觀光客的夜市,瑞豐則是一個高雄人去的夜市。其實我覺得瑞豐夜市比較好因為價錢比較便宜而且那邊的氣氛比較好玩。我跟Flat Stanley一邊玩遊戲,一邊吃韓式炸雞。






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親愛的台灣- 最愛你的瑞昀 (Becca’s LAST Blog!)


九個月過得非常快! 我剛來台灣的時候, 我超級興奮. 我三年前在大陸學了六個星期的中文以後, 我很想回去. 我申請NSLI-Y計畫的時候, 我以為我會去大陸, 所以我發現我要去台灣的時候, 我有一點緊張. 我不會寫繁體字, 而且台灣的文化有一點不一樣. 我怕台灣沒有大陸的好. 可是我還很興奮, 因為我有機會出國、繼續學中文, 在哪裡沒有關係. 我後來發現我不用緊張! 我來到台灣, 就馬上喜歡! 我第一天在高雄, 我跟我的同學去走一走. 我們先去一家寶雅, 然後去7-11. 我最大的印象就是台灣人很喜歡方便的東西. 美國的7-11真的沒有台灣的那麼好. 我也記得路上有非常多花, 也有很多寺廟. 走一般的路就可以看到很多美麗的東西.

我很快就習慣我的台灣生活. 我每天去上華語中心的中文課、文藻課和小老師的課. 我來的時候, 我的中文很爛, 所以溝通有一點難. 雖然不容易, 但是我有很多很有耐心的人一直願意幫我, 比如說我的老師們和我的接待家庭. 我的接待媽媽每天晚上跟我聊天很久. 如果我不懂, 她會寫那些字, 然後幫我了解. 我們討論過很多很好玩的題目, 比如說美國人喜歡帶著襪子睡覺, 還有台灣跟美國的政治. 什麼都討論過, 真的幫我的中文程度, 也幫我多了解台灣的文化. 我也很喜歡周末的時間, 不是跟我的家庭吃午餐, 就是跟同學們一起出去玩. 高雄是個非常有趣的城市, 有很多地方可以去玩.

全台灣都非常好玩、漂亮, 所以我沒有辦法說我最喜歡的地方在哪裡. 台灣有我一輩子看過最漂亮的自然風景, 包括花蓮、墾丁和旗津. 在高雄, 我非常喜歡去西子灣和凹子底. 台灣真的是個非常美麗的地方, 我很開心有機會住在這裡.

因為我快要回美國, 我應該說謝謝. 謝謝Jenny跟優雅幫我們安排這個計畫, 如果沒有你們的辛苦, 這個計畫就不會這麼好. 謝謝你們! 謝謝我的華語中心的老師們! 我來的時候, 我的中文真的需要幫忙, 謝謝你們的耐心, 謝謝你們認真地讓我的中文進步很快! 謝謝我的小老師們! 每個禮拜你們幫我做功課、寫報告, 也當我的朋友. 你們真的對我的中文程度有很大的影響. 謝謝我的接待家庭, 你們對待我就想自己的孩子一樣, 非常感謝. 你們幫我說中文, 也幫我多了解台灣的生活. 你們好好照顧我, 我會永遠感謝你們! 謝謝我的同學們, 雖然你們有一點煩, 但是你們好像我的兄弟姊妹. 我愛你們, 謝謝你們讓這個經驗很好玩. 最後, 謝謝台灣! 你的文化、語言、人民、食物和風景都對我很好! 我很傷心我快要回去, 可是我知道我永遠會記得台灣!



Rebecca Bennett


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