Daily Archives: 2018-05-14

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Tyler’s Barbecue Adventure (April Vlog)

Tyler likes to explore new restaurants in his spare time. Here he is checking out a barbecue restaurant with his friend.

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Katie’s AY Recap (April Vlog)

Katie takes a trip down memory lane to review some of her favorite memories and vlogs from her Academic Year in Taiwan.

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Greta Makes Cookies With Her Host Siblings (April Vlog)

Greta shares her a cookie recipe with her host siblings.

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Earth Day in Taipei with Lina (April Vlog)

During the spring break, Lina took a trip with her host family to Taipei! Check out how they commemorated Earth Day in Taiwan.

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Alisa and Scott Explore ZuoYing (April Vlog)

Alisa and Scott go on an adventure to explore the ZuoYing area.

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Brandon Introduces ”人小鬼大“ (April Vlog)

Brandon is really into learning some famous expressions. Check out his explanation of a recent favorite.

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Kate Talks Encouragement in Chinese (April Vlog)

Have you been studying Chinese? Are you tired of hearing “加油” over and over again? Why not listen to Kate’s vlog and here some of the alternatives to cheer your Chinese-speaking friends on!