Daily Archives: 2018-02-07

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Lina Visits Moon World With Her Host Family (January Vlog)

Take a trip with Lina and her Host Family to “Moon World” hiking trail right outside of Kaohsiung city. Check out the fun she had with her host siblings!

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Alisa, Brandon, and Greta take a trip to Alishan with their Host Families (January Vlog)

Alisa, Brandon, and Greta take a trip with their host families to one of Taiwan’s main attractions: Alishan! While it was foggy outside, they made the best of it by playing some board games that they’d like to share with you! Check it out.

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Katie’s Introduction to the Philology of Chinese (January Vlog)

Katie took a class on the history and development of Chinese Characters. Come along as she gives the viewers a brief introduction

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Kate Introduces a Chinese New Year Tradition (January Vlog)

Kate stumbled upon a calligrapher in her community and it inspired her to introduce the 春聯 traditions in Taiwan.

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Tyler Talks Movies in Taiwan (January Vlog)

Tyler likes to watch movies. Here’s Tyler’s take on teaching you how to get the best of your movie-going experience in Taiwan.

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Scott Talks about Taiwan Education with Host Sisters (January Vlog)

Scott takes time to sit down with his host sisters as he asks them questions on their opinions of education in Taiwan